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Alongside white shark swimmingAlongside white shark swimming Cal on top of SPSCCal on top of SPSC Large Female White shark head on camera with pilot fishLarge Female White shark head on camera with pilot fish profileprofile white shark aggregation 2white shark aggregation 2 white shark aggregationwhite shark aggregation White Shark at nightWhite Shark at night White Shark bites cameraWhite Shark bites camera White shark close up alongsideWhite shark close up alongside White Shark defecatingWhite Shark defecating White Shark descending rightWhite Shark descending right White shark descending to cameraWhite shark descending to camera White Shark Predation Guadalupe IslandWhite Shark Predation Guadalupe Island White Shark turns left in front of cameraWhite Shark turns left in front of camera White Shark yawningWhite Shark yawning White Sharks at 100 feetWhite Sharks at 100 feetVideo Popup Window by VideoLightBox.com v1.10